We were all beginners at one point; everyone needs to start somewhere. Here are some great guides to get you started if online casinos and gambling is all brand new to you.

BlackJack Guide

Few Common Blackjack Tactics to Remember Right, so we have been through some general stratagems, but let’s now focus on actionable pieces of advice you can use on your favourite website and help you tackle the card game and the live dealers. Each bet you mak ...

Slot Games

You can take this into account when choosing to play slots  Much the same as all casino games, online slots depend on luck. There is no evolving that. Consistently, a huge number of spins are made, and in that treasure trove of spins, a few examples have aris ...

Bacarrat Guide

Baccarat is a table game played with several decks of cards, kept in a 'shoe'. Cards are dealt out to the player and the dealer (or 'Banker'), with the goal being to create a hand which has a points total closest to 9, without exceeding it. Players at the tabl ...

Roulette Guide

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in existence. It’s well-known by most people on Earth and also relatively simple. Of course, you will most likely be able to walk up to a roulette table and play the game without even reading about it. However ...


Theoretically, if blackjack can be beaten, then you may be wondering how casinos are still making millions. Well, the answer is very straightforward. Blackjack is a game that changes with every round. Despite knowing the most fool-proof of strategies and having years of experience, even the experts with the best blackjack strategy flunk at the table. According to the experts, the more you play, the more the house edge grows. You may enjoy a flurry of wins, but you must remember that it will turn and you will experience a losing streak very soon. And that, is Blackjack 101. So, right before you start playing, you need to calculate how much you want to win and how much loss you are okay with. You may have a hundred dollars or a grand as your budget, but if you decide that you want to go home with a 30% profit, you stick to that plan. Then, you divide that amount by the number of rounds you intend to play. Always remember the expression, ‘quit while you're ahead’. A common mistake people make is they continue when they are winning and winning – a major blunder, because when the table turns, they lose their profit.


Always play european or french roulette

The extra double-zero in American roulette effectively doubles the house edge, taking it from 2.7% to 5.4%. The American version isn't the worst bet in the casino but it's easy to understand why you should always choose the European variation if it's an option.

Identify your goals

Do you want to take risks for a big score or play conservatively and make your money last? The odds in roulette always stay the same, regardless of what betting system you use, so identify your biggest goal and use look for a strategy on the list above that gives you the best chance of reaching it.

Play within your bankroll

It's no fun to lament the decision that you made to play roulette for real money. One sure-fire way to ensure that you never let mistakes compete with loving the experience is to ensure that you play inside your bankroll and that you can only lose money at risk.